1. I'm glad to see Finn making an appearance, and that's true everywhere

2. I'm going to go ahead and assume chocolate is as good for me as I tell myself coffee is

3. Good to hear something about the waste in the industry

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No wayyy, I found Manoa Chocolate because of the (delicious) rabbit holes this series has invited me down! And now it's the featured creator lol. Definitely going on my list for gifts to give this year — maybe to myself first 👀

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Dec 21, 2023Liked by Birgitte Rasine

Birgitte, thanks so much for including me in this amazing project (and Finn enjoyed his time in the spotlight, too!). This has been such a cool journey through the most delicious substance known to humans! 😁

Also, it does my heart good to see the good folks at Mānoa getting their well-deserved attention!! ❤️

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